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DaVinci Resolve 10.1 released

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  • DaVinci Resolve 10.1 released

    Hello, we are pleased to announce the release of DaVinci Resolve 10.1 for Mac, Windows and Linux on the BMD web support site.

    This no charge upgrade for existing customers includes rich text title support, a take selector to preview and align multiple takes and support for FCPX v10.1 XML 1.3. There are many more features detailed in the read me.

    For full software license customers this release also includes stereoscopic 3D support with media pool syncing of the eyes and also stereoscopic 3D editing.

    DaVinci Resolve Lite 10.1 for Mac and Windows is also available for download at the BMD web support site.

    As a database upgrade is required for this release please backup your database or active projects prior to upgrading.

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    Take selector, timeline markers and trimming frame based clips all sound pretty nice.
    Now all I need is a side-by-side playback view of adjacent clips in the timeline when trimming, and roundtrips to a NLE will become a thing of the past.
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      Excellent, Many thanks for the headsup Rohit.
      Tom Majerski
      Cinematographer / Photographer / CGI Artist / Filmmaker