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Footage blacking out in R9

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  • Footage blacking out in R9

    I have imported 89 clips shot on BMCC EF in ProRes video format at 24fps. On a first pass i did some primary grades and then exported. Stepped away for 5 minutes, came back, and Resolve crashed completely. No exported files. Being used to FCPX auto back up I did not save the project. Started over. I now have some files staring out with picture/audio and then just turning black keeping audio. Searched forums/Google and see others with this but no solutions. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks.

    I'm on a 2011 MBP 8G RAM. Resolve 9.
    Bryant Mock
    MockSpeed Media

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    Hi, you should first upgrade to V10.0.2 thats just been posted on the BMD support web site.
    It has some improvements for Mavericks OS with AMD GPUs and I guess you are on that config.