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  • Reslove out of synch

    Anybody EVER have an issue where footage is out of synch with no flags or error tabs? Footage from BM camera, no off-speed, ProRes 442 HQ, 2K, absolutely pristine; upon import, footage is out of synch in timeline. If I "correct" it in timeline, it goes out of synch in the preview window. This has happened for me in both DVR 14, and then DVR 15. All other things being equal, what, in your considered opinions, is going on? Yes, i've read the manual, and yes, I've contacted DaVinci; they advised me that 14 is rather "down the ladder", but 15 is doing the same thing. NO ERROR MESSAGES, no out-of-synch flags.... Dell G5, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 8GB..... outboard drives I've used before; Western Digital........ kinda stumped.....
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    No responses.... never had the problem, or just don't like the misspelling of Resolve?