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  • time remaped clips

    I asked this over at DVXuser but didn't get any responses so ill try over here

    I've been messing with Resolve for a bit and done a fair about of looking online for info but I'm still having some issues finding definitive answers.

    First on the list is does Resolve 9 support FCPX's time remaped clips? it doesn't seam to but none of the documentation says it doesn't and it seams like that would have been mentioned before

    All i get upon opening a exported XML is all green boxes indicating assets found and then a red one next to a statement "Timemap is not supported" and a gap in my timeline in resolve where my re-maped clip was.

    anybody got any good ideas?

    i really dont want to bake in all my slo/fast motion clips

    Thanks in advance.

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    From the manual for Resolve v8, page 154:

    "DaVinci Resolve is capable of reading linear speed effects from imported EDL, AAF, and XML projects, and playing clips at the specified speed from within Resolve. Resolve is not compatible with non-linear speed effects, and there is no frame blending or interpolation. For this reason, you may find it advantageous to render clips with speed effects as self-contained media files in your NLE or compositing software before sending the project to resolve for grading, in order to obtain the best quality."

    Sorry - who knows what may come in v9, but at least in v8, you're SOL.
    Randy Walters


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      Straight speed changes should move back and forth through .fcpxml just fine. It is only clips with speed ramps - speed changes within the clip - that are a problem. Regular old slow or fast motion chips will be fine.

      The only time I've seen linear speed changes be a problem if the same source media file is used in two different clips at different speeds.


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        Thanks guys