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Small Lomo lens set 18-35-50 in OCT-19

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  • Small Lomo lens set 18-35-50 in OCT-19

    Up for grabs I have a small selection of Lomo lenses. All of them are in OCT-19 mount, and have 32 pitch focus gears installed. Each have been serviced in the last year by Super 16 INC. Lenses are in amazing shape for their age, and took me awhile to find good copies. $1950 plus shipping for the set. Pickup is available in the Houston Texas area.

    OKC5-18-1 (1991)
    OKC11-35-1 (1988) Kinor body style
    OKC1-50-6 (1990)

    Looking to sell as a set, and not break them up. In the wide shot I have a 22mm in the set, which I think I am going to keep. However if you NEED a 22mm I would consider selling it with this set.

    2014-05-24 10.47.02.jpg2014-05-24 10.45.55.jpg2014-05-24 10.45.44.jpg2014-05-24 10.45.09-1.jpg2014-05-24 10.44.50.jpg2014-05-24 10.44.40.jpg2014-05-24 10.43.12.jpg2014-05-24 10.43.02.jpg2014-05-24 10.42.54.jpg

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    Bump, if anyone is looking to get into starter cine lenses!
    (read the following with an infomercial salesman voice in your head). Why bother with rehoused still lenses when you can get the real deal? Offer valid in 49 states, SORRY TENNESSEE!


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      No international???


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        I was just kidding in the above post, ill ship anywhere via usps as long as you pay the cost.


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          18mm has been sold, but I have a 22 - 35 - 50 - 300 available if anyone is interested in one or all.


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            22mm and 300mm are available for individual sale. If you're interested, PM me an offer on a lens!


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              I've got both of these lenses on ebay, but if you're interested in them get in touch. I'll ship for free if you're in the US and allow me to avoid ebay fees!
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