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Massive sale! (BMPC 4K, 1TB SSDs, Ikan D5 monitor, Sigma 18-35 1.8, and more)

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  • Massive sale! (BMPC 4K, 1TB SSDs, Ikan D5 monitor, Sigma 18-35 1.8, and more)

    Hey guys, I'm having a clearance sale on a bunch of gear. My losses are your gain! I am selling because I need a complete overhaul of my production workflow that suits what I'm currently doing. I'm going to be working on a bunch of music documentary stuff this summer and traveling all over. As such I need to fund a new car, an aerial system that can take a BMPCC, and perhaps a gh4 for lowlight/compact work when in bars and such (lots of touring with bands, I need to be more discreet a lot of the times). I LOVE the image quality coming out of my BMPC 4k, I got one of the first shipments and used it to shoot a documentary for Ice-T, music videos, and a couple of other projects. Some of the other stuff I am selling is borderline brand spanking new, I just won't need them anytime soon for my current needs.

    1.) Blackmagic 4k Production camera with Davinci Resolve (I didnt install/use it). Comes with some awesome extras - Ikan 15mm baseplate, Ikan 15mm Sony battery adapter, 2x Anker Astro Pro batteries, 4 15mm carbon fiber rods (2x 8 inches and 2x 20 inches), a large capacity Sony battery. I will post pictures upon request - Functionality wise it has been awesome to me, never had a hiccup and by far the best image quality I have ever gotten . Cosmetically it is in good condition minus two scuffs - one on the bottom from a dumb PA who couldnt unscrew a quick release plate properly, and a second mark on the bottom of the ssd door. ($2850 takes it all!)

    2.) 2X Samsung SSDs (1TB 840 EVO) - Can sell together, or individually. Both are in like new condition. $415 each

    3.) Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 EF mount. Excellent Condition, 9.3/10 ($700)

    4. Ikan D5 3g-SDI monitor (only tested once!) ($550)

    5.) Antari M-1 Mobile Fogger ( retails for $750 brand new. I only used this for one shoot. ($625)

    6.) Nikon D5200 (comes with charger, 3 batteries). AWESOME B camera. It matched very well with my BMPC 4K, I used it as a B camera for interviews to get profile and close-up shots. ($430)

    Pics/videos available upon request, I even have a few videos I shot with the BMPC+Sigma+Nikon d5200 I can share if you'd like. Located in NYC, but willing to ship if needed.