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FS: Hexolux Xum7 Tungsten LED Fresnel Light - 98 CRI & TLCI - 500 Watt Equivalent

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  • FS: Hexolux Xum7 Tungsten LED Fresnel Light - 98 CRI & TLCI - 500 Watt Equivalent

    Hello! I have a Hexolux Xum7 Tungsten LED Fresnel light up for sale. It has about a 500 Watt equivalent output, which it does in a more efficient 120 Watts. Both the CRI and TLCI numbers are 98, which are quite high, especially for LED.

    This unit is actually one of the prototype models, but it is similar to the newest version. The differences are that the new ones go up to 150W, the lens can be tilt shifted on the new model, and the light circle is more circular on the new model at the narrow end of the beam (although you could get the new lens and lens housing for $400 if you want the tilt shift and a more circular beam.)

    Condition-wise, it's in nice shape with minor wear. Minor issues: two of the wires for the illuminator had a small portion exposed, so I wrapped them in Scotch 2242 tape (which can be used like heat shrink.) There's also a delrin guide for the illuminator inside the the lens housing which had the last portion snap off, but its a quick fix with glue, or you don't have to worry about it, as it's not necessary in order to slide the light in and out. Also, there's a delrin cover for the electronics of the illuminator that fits fairly well, but not perfectly, as it was 3D printed.

    The light temperature is somewhere around 3000-3300K, but if you need to know more precisely, I can take a few pictures on my DSC Labs ChromaDuMonde for you.

    This light accepts the same Arri T1 (7 3/4") barn doors and gel frames as the current model, so you can use all the same accessories as well.

    The new Xum7s are $2,000, so I'm pricing this at $1,500 shipped in the US (and plus shipping everywhere else) although I'm certainly open to any and all offers.

    Here is some more info about the light, if you haven't heard of it: ,

    Feel free to PM me with any questions.