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Mark III/ BMPC 4K trade

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  • Mark III/ BMPC 4K trade

    Hey everyone,

    I currently have a gig that i leave for next wednesday and need to secure a 5D mark III for star field time lapses.
    I was wondering if there were any users in the Los Angeles area that would be interested in doing a straight trade for a BMPC 4K. My unit, is pretty much free of FPN @ 400 ASA unless you are severely underlit. I really want to hang on to it because it is one of the better units, and I do have it from a good source that FPN will be eliminated all together very soon, but unfortunately I need to buy a mark III for long exposure work, and sell my BMPC 4K to pay for it until i can recoup the money. If there is anyone in the LA area who is interested in a trade, please contact me at


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    is it too expensive to rent a 5d3? you could keep your bmpc plus all the wear and tear on the shutter goes to the rental camera.