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How to resolve an issue on eBay?

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  • How to resolve an issue on eBay?

    This is the second time it happened to me buying an item and paying for the USPS Express Service and the seller would ship the item using a cheaper service.

    My issue now is, I bought an item on eBay. The Invoice came with the shipping service fees of 56.01 USD through the "USPS Priority Mail Express". I have bought many items with this service and I am very satisfied with it. It takes about 10-12 days to arrive.

    Now this seller has shipped the item with the "First-Class Package International". Which from experience the cost about three to four times cheaper and this service takes ages to be delivered to me. Last year I shipped with this service it took almost over 2 months to arrive and it is not even trackable once it leaves the US. I have contacted the seller three times, twice on ebay and once on his email to resolve this issue but no response from him yet. I cannot wait this long for the item to arrive. I have decided to open a case on eBay or contact them.

    Anyone has any thoughts on what is the procedure to resolve this issue?

    screenshots of The Invoice and the statue of the item




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    sorry to hear about your problems, I also have had problems in the past with Ebay sellers. Unfortunately I do not know what you can really do at this point if the item is now in transit. You can call ebay, and request the sellers phone number,
    they will give it to you. If you paid by paypal, and the item does not arrive you can open up a dispute with them. But right now if you are unhappy with the shipping method the seller is using, I'm not sure if you really have any recourse right
    now. Good luck


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      You can ask to get the difference in shipping refunded, but you would still need to wait for it to arrive.
      I presume you would be allowed to return the item as well even if they have no returns policy, since they did not ship the item in a timely manner.

      Make sure you push them to pay for return costs as well, eBay policy states that you must pay for the returns, but every time I've pushed for it, I've gotten the money paid to return the item as well, as long as the seller failed to deliver in due time or if the item had faults.
      If the seller can't prove he did everything right, eBay tends to side with the buyer, so I would not worry, but I think you must wait a while, until the item arrives to resolve the case.
      Haavard Helle


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        Thank you Roy and Haavard for your replies. I will wait for few more days to see if the Seller would respond to the messages.


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          Agree with what others have said above. The seller has broken his contract by not fulfilling what he promised, but there is nothing you can do now it has shipped. Not sure what Ebay will do about it either, best you can hope for is a refund on postage I would assume.


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            Are you sure the problem isn't just different display names across different systems/services?


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              Also, you need to open up an eBay case within 45 days from the date of payment and then you have up to 20 days to turn it into a claim if the seller doesn't adequately respond.


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                Thanks everyone for your responses. The seller has just replied back to my messages. I am now working with him to resolve this issue..

                It is sad now there is nothing I can do since it has been shipped. I will hope for the best.

                Again thank you everyone.


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                  Originally posted by Chris Adler View Post
                  Are you sure the problem isn't just different display names across different systems/services?
                  I wish.. but no, it is not. those services are from USPS. Check the link bellow



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                    I've had many times similar problems. My advice is to check the price difference and open a case with partial refund demand like 35$ for example or whatever.
                    You paid for a service you didn't get and even if the seller refuses you to pay, eBay will do it for you. But he will, as he knows that would mean negative feedback.
                    Good luck!
                    Aleksandar Bogdanov


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                      And, anything over $200 (if I remember correctly) needs to be trackable and signed for... the seller needs proof of delivery or you can just say you didn't get it and get a full refund.
                      Not that I recommend that