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Zeiss Contax Set (18/28/35/50/85/135)

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  • Zeiss Contax Set (18/28/35/50/85/135)

    Zeiss Contax Set (18/28/35/50/85/135)

    Large set of Zeiss Contax lenses for sale, including rare ones like 28mm Hollywood and 135mm f/2! The set matches incredibly well, they have close serial numbers and all are from 1976 (85mm 1977).
    SN Year
    18mm f/4 AEG 5807793 1976
    28mm f/2 AEG 5906014 1976
    35mm f/2.8 AEJ 5948230 1976
    50mm f/1.4 AEJ 5834494 1976
    85mm f/1.4 AEG 6095364 1977
    135mm f/2 AEG 5975434 1976
    Glass is in pristine condition and the optics have always been taken care of. 18mm has a cleaning mark in the back that doesn’t affect the quality of the image at all. They have been converted to EF (Leitax), Cordvision 77mm/80OD front rings and gears.

    I have shot quite some projects with them over the last years and like the image - but have to move to something more modern with PL. I can share projects I have shot with them recently.

    Additional photos:

    Fixed price: 6500€ O+ shipping (EU only for now!) + VAT
    I might be willing to let the 28 and 135mm go seperately, but at a premium. Sale without case. Shipping from Austria.

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