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Sony SRW 9000PL(Sony F35 Sensor) kit ready to shoot

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  • Sony SRW 9000PL(Sony F35 Sensor) kit ready to shoot

    SONY SRW-9000PL with all three optional upgrade boards (HKSR-9001 / 9002 / 9003) and PL lens mount transforms this camera into an ENG-style Sony F35. This camera has the exact same sensor and image as the F35, only better portability as the interface box, shoulder mount, and HDCAM-SR recorder are all built into the body on the SRW-9000PL.

    - Super 35mm-sized CCD (Global shutter)
    - PL Lens Mount
    - 1080p
    - 24p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p
    - 10 bit 4:4:4
    - S-Gamut Color Space
    - ISO 800 Mode Gamma Curve
    - HD-SDI Output


    - HKSR-9001 (HD-SDI Expansion Board)
    - HKSR-9002 (Picture Cache Expansion Board)
    - HKSR-9003 (RGB 4:4:4 Processor Expansion
    - Sony SRK-CP1 (same control panel as is found on the Sony F65)

    Location: Colorado

    Sony SRW 9000 PL with all option boards and AC power supply
    Sony HDVF C30WR
    2 x Sony SRW-1/SRPC-1 (one set is fully functional the other set has a SRPC has a nvram 0103 error, it still works for playback and capture the only issue I have noticed is that remote deck control from a PC comes and goes about once a second)
    Flight Case for 9000PL
    Flight Case for SRW-1
    Kona 3g sdi capture card with breakout cable
    13 x 33 minute HDCAM-SR tapes

    You can capture directly from the camera but I choose to use the SRW-1 to distribute use of the hdcam decks. The camera does have a 3G sdi out and can send record trigger signals without tape in the camera, I have never tested with an external recorder though.

    Price: $3600 OBO