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Canon 7-63mm Super 16 Wide Angle Zoom Lens T2.6 - $2800

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  • Canon 7-63mm Super 16 Wide Angle Zoom Lens T2.6 - $2800

    Canon Zoom Lens 7 to 63mm Super 16 T2.6 with PL Mount, Custom Lens Case, Matte-Box, Focus Gears, Zoom Stick, and Filter Trays.

    * Super-Wide zoom for S16mm and Digital Cinematography
    * Close Focus: 24 Inches
    * Integrated Focus, Zoom & Iris gears
    * Includes (2) Stage Clip-on Matte Box
    * 95mm front

    This is my personal lens that was used on several seasons of the famed television show "Veronica Mars". It was meticulously maintained and calibrated by the professionals at Clairmont Camera. This lens has only minor minimal wear marks on the exterior of the lens barrel from normal use. There are a 12 photos of the lens up on the current eBay listing.

    As featured in the photos, the lens has clean blemish free front and rear elements with no mold or visible cleaning marks. The lens has smooth focus and zoom mechanics. When projected this lens was very sharp. This lens should be ready to shoot your next feature, television show, or commercial upon delivery.

    The factory installed PL mount is included along with standard 0.8 pitch focus, iris, and zoom gears. The wide angle clip on mattebox compatible with both 4x5.65 and 4x4 ARRI filter trays will be included. Additionally, two 4"x4" ARRI filter trays will be included. Finally, the zoom stick plus front and rear lens caps will also be included. The lens and the included accessories will arrive looking like the photos with the off white and yellow backgrounds.

    Here is a link from famous ASC member Shane Hurlblut testing Super 16 Canon Zoom lenses on Blackmagic Design Camera.

    YOU WILL RECEIVE (the items featured in 4th photo) :
    1. Canon 7mm to 63 mm Super 16 Zoom Lens Serial #10038
    2. Clip-on Matte-Box or Lens Shade
    3. (2) 4"x4" Filter Trays
    4. (1) Zoom Stick
    5. (1) Rear Lens Cap
    6. (1) Front Lens Cap
    7. Custom Lens Case with Hard Foam Interior and Aluminum Anvil Exterior