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Tilta MB-T03 (MBT03) 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box (New)

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  • Tilta MB-T03 (MBT03) 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box (New)

    - 4x4 matte box, made of carbon fiber material, side-open mechanism, is suitable for all HDSLR cameras and a wide range of HDVs.
    - For 15mm rods
    - Applies to lens with diameter of 120mm and below.
    - Top and side flags
    - Two filter holders, one 360 rotatable
    - Innovative lens system without donuts
    - More information:

    The matte box has been used just once for a quick test.

    Desired price is $450.00 but up for negotiation. In comparison: CVP offers it for $693.50 excluding VAT. I'm shipping internationally, but the shipping costs may vary. I'm shipping from Switzerland, Europe.

    This is a private sale, so there won't be any taxes (except for customs duty).
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    Not to be a spoilsport, but until Sunday, Feb. 24, this matte box is available at the TeamTilta website for $399 by using the code FebMatteBox at checkout. I'm just sayin'.
    Randy Walters


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      Oh well that's bad news for me, of course Hoping that some people miss this until tomorrow

      Anyway, shipping and handling from TeamTilta can be extremely expensive to Europe, so this might still be an option for someone. And as I said, the price is up for negotiation!


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        Base price dropped to $450.00.