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FOR SALE: Isco Anamorphic Lens, 2X, Focusing, 4 available, $600

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  • FOR SALE: Isco Anamorphic Lens, 2X, Focusing, 4 available, $600

    This is my first post here but I can be found on DVXuser and Personal View under the same name.

    I now have some ISCO optic front-focusing 2x anamorphic lenses for sale. These work great with my Canon 5D mark II (~85mm and up) as well as my Panasonic GH2 and GH3 (~50mm and up) and produce an ultra-wide 2x anamorphic image, sharp at f/1.4, can focus from infinity to around 10 feet without needing diopters, and allow for easy 82mm or 86mm diopter placement should you need to focus closer.

    To attach these ISCOs to your taking lenses, all you will need is XL Anamorphic Clamp (72mm thread) from eBay and you are ready to shoot.

    They have varying degrees of minor usage that do not affect the optical performance. Each element of the lens can also be removed and cleaned separately if needed.


    I shot the videos below with them and a hacked GH2 and a 50mm Zeiss wide open at 1.4.

    GH2/50mm wide open.

    Fog/Vertical Bokeh

    Random Tests

    This one was shot with a 5D Mark II at 85mm.

    Since I've been getting a lot of questions, I thought I'd post some quick pros and cons about these ISCO anamorphic:


    • Sharp edge to edge. For anamorphics in this price range, it is unmatched.. The LA7200 drove me crazy with its terrible edge sharpness even at high f-stops.
    • You can use it all the way down to f1.4 or f1.8.
    • This lens has a front-focusing element. This isn't an isco 36 where you only focus one lens, but you can focus this anamorphic down to about 10 feet, which is much better than the usual anamorphics that are locked at infinity (and thus why you have to shoot at f/8).
    • Unlike the other Schneider ISCOs I had up for sale, these ones allow for easy diopter placement. I have a set of 82mm diopters that drop right in. See picture below. 86mm will give you best coverage edge to edge.
    • Extremely well built. Made in Germany, solid brass, its a tank.
    • Heavily multicoated. No sharp flaring.

    • Because of its build quality, it is quite heavy, about 3lbs. I couldn't see using it without a rail system or a tripod ring. I would recommend tripod ring
    • You must focus both the anamorphic and the taking lenses unlike the isco 36.
    • Multicoated glass can be difficult to clean.
    • No Star Trek flaring (if that's what you're looking for).


    The lenses originally cost about $4000 each. Must have Paypal verified addresses. I am selling to clear up funds for other necessary purchases. I ship USPS Priority for free. Contact me for international shipping. $550 each to me net from Paypal.

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    Price drop: $550.


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      I'll buy! can you email me at
      Samuel Jacob


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        All PMs responded, I have only one more left!


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          PM sent


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            came across one more of these, one more left. thx to all buyers


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              buyer backed out after lengthy process, one more still available