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AMAZING Follow-Focus: Kamerar FF-3

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  • AMAZING Follow-Focus: Kamerar FF-3

    Absolutely love these for their price and build-quality.

    $105 shipped. Brand new.

    Whether you buy from me or someone else or a store, definitely try it. DO NOT waste your money on options that are hundreds and hundreds of dollars more.

    (Note: To be used with one 15mm rod with 0.8 pitch lenses. A lens gear is included in the box.)

    USA. PM me Have a nice day.


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    I'm worried about the size of the gear box. I have a Movi FF and when I have a Rokinon cine lens on the URSA with a rod mounted mattebox, I cannot get the gears of the FF to align with the lens gear because the gear box is too big that it either hits the URSA mount or so. Also, is this reversible?


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      I'm not sure about your configuration, but you can put the gear on the other side by unscrewing the silver thumb screw and sliding it out.

      You can also put the 15mm "arm" with the red thumb lock on the other side too (never tried that).

      But none of these adjustments reverse the direction of the lens pulling if that's what you're asking...(Canon/Nikon).

      I'm not sure if there are other FF systems that are less expensive and superior, but this one is very good for its price/build/functionality in my opinion.


      P.S. Thinking more about what you said...I think putting the gear on the other side would allow the follow-focus to slide up so it wouldn't hit the body if I am understanding you correctly.

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        Thanks for the info Norbro. I'll do some research and PM you.


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          Hey everyone, last call for the follow-focus system.

          It's so would be a shame to throw it out.

          $100, shipped. Thank you.


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            OK, Norbert, I will take it for $100 including USPS Priority, send me an invoice.


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              Thank you! SOLD