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FS: 27" Imac (late 2011, intel core i7, 32gb ram, 500gb SSD, 3TB storage)

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  • FS: 27" Imac (late 2011, intel core i7, 32gb ram, 500gb SSD, 3TB storage)

    Mid 2011 iMac Retina for sale. 3.4GHZ i7 32gb RAM. Looking for $1200.00 shipped in the US (local pickup in Houston TX is great too)

    Photos of the computer and screenshots of system specs are here (will be adding a shot of the computer itself later today after I complete my backup and clean osx install):

    I replaced the internal CD drive with a 3TB hard drive for extra storage and swapped out the fusion drive with a 500gb SSD to run the system on. I have a USB dvd drive that Iíll throw in with this computer should you need it. Also included is an unused apple bluetooth keyboard. Computer is in good physical shape, though there is a tiny bit of tape residue on the bottom right metal from a note I had tacked up a long time with some gaff.

    Selling only due to upgrading my computer. This has still been chugging along for me. For editing Iíve been working with proxies or 4k pro res when we shoot that and I havenít had any significant issues. In Resolve Iíve been color correcting 4k and 5k raw (black magic and .r3d) with no significant issues. Playback on the raw is not in real time, and the system slows down significantly when noise reduction is applied. Often if I have a lot of nodes up (5 or more) it will sometimes not have enough GPU with noise reduction thrown into the fold. But one can expect this with a graphics card without a huge amount of VRAM. But if you mostly edit in 2k/1080/proxy as I do and then online from the raw files this machine will work great for you.

    Full disclosure of this computers repair history: I brought this IMac into apple when the graphics card went down in 2016 (there was a recall on that model). They replaced the graphics card but I still had an issue with lines on the screen, so apple replaced the logic board (all for free AND past my warranty amazingly). Since then it has worked great with ONE issueÖwhen the hard drive goes to sleep it will eject external hard drives. My lazy solution is just to not allow the computer to put the hard drives to sleep. Additionally when I upgraded the system drive to SSD for some reason it makes the computer run with the fan on high at all times. So I downloaded smcfancontrol to manage the fan, which has worked perfectly. gives me a value of $2200 for this computer, looking for $1200.00 shipped in the US (local pickup in Houston TX is great too).

    Iíll do a clean install of the OS and wipe the 3TB drive once the computer is sold. If you donít want High Sierra installed on it please let me know and Iíll put on an earlier OS.
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    Here's a quick shot of the computer:

    Drive has been wiped and new OS ready to be installed!


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      Anyone want this system for $1k plus shipping?