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FS: Zaxcom Maxx - Mixer/Recorder - BRAND NEW

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  • FS: Zaxcom Maxx - Mixer/Recorder - BRAND NEW


    Hi all,

    So here's the deal. I had a Zaxcom Maxx that was giving me issues for a few months and last week Zaxcom was gracious enough to replace my Maxx with a brand new unit. Please let me emphasize this is not a refurbished unit or demo unit. It is a brand new unit they freshly built this week, new serial number and all. After careful consideration I decided given my budget and needs it would be best for me to downgrade to a Zoom F4. I would love to keep this, but I'm a mainly a one-man band/camera operator who is obsessed with good sound and this beautiful machine is a bit overkill for my current needs. I would be happy to forward the Zaxcom invoice which verifies this device is new and you're also welcome to contact Zaxcom directly and verify this yourself (just give them my name). This is the AES and 6 Channel Version. This DOES NOT have the built-in transmitter. I know the giddy feeling of turning on a brand new shiny device so I will leave my grubby fingers off of it. Include all the original goodies (box, fader labels, AA sled, allen wrench)

    $2700 Shipped Insured to anywhere in the lower 48. Local pickup also welcome in St. Petersburg, Florida. PayPal only. Please add 3% if you pay with a non-gift form of PayPal. I've sold many things on eBay (yophoto914), and over $20k in cameras and lenses over the years on FredMiranda (user: markyboy), BMCuser, and dvxUser. As with everything I sell I guarantee it is as described or you can return it for a full refund within 7 days.

    Please let me know if you have any questions via PM or e-mail:

    Thanks and take care,

    Mark Farag
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    This Zaxcom Maxx recorder is pretty incredible, if you haven't looked into it. NeverClip is amazing technology. Also, I know Mark personally and he takes care of his gear meticulously. Buy with confidence.


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      Thanks Joe. Still available.


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        Price lowered to $2650 Shipped.