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FS: DJI M600 + Ronin MX + Cinemilled Pro DoveTail

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  • FS: DJI M600 + Ronin MX + Cinemilled Pro DoveTail

    My M600 crashed into a bush, was repaired officially by DJI, and I received it today.
    Will send everything that came with it including original box and accessories.
    $4200 shipped via PPG. Local pick up in Seattle.

    Ronin MX + Cinemilled Pro Dovetail
    Considering selling this since I bought it as a kit to use with the M600 but I already have my Letus Helix.
    Works very well. Comes:
    -All original stuff (including box)
    -Power Distributor ($149)
    -Extra 4350 Battery ($159)
    -Cinemilled Pro Dove Tail with 3 weights (2x 5.6 oz and 1x 11.5 oz) $184
    $1750 shipped via PPG or local pick up in Seattle.

    Both as a kit for
    $5900 shipped via PPG or preferably local pickup.

    Pics will be uploaded! But it's in it's box since I have not opened it since it got back.

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