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For Sale (EU only): Cooke Kinetal

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  • For Sale (EU only): Cooke Kinetal

    For Sale (EU only): Cooke Kinetal 12.5mm f1.8 and (rare) 50mm f1.8 in Arri Standard with follow focus ring

    Hi everyone, i finally received these two beauties from a DP in America, but unfortunately meanwhile i changed my initial plan (constitute a complete Cooke set) because of fund lacking, so i sadly re-put them in sale. Kinetal's were designed by Gordon H. Cook (who created the Speed Panchro earlier, the Varotal,...) They cover the Super 16 frame from the 12.5mm. These Cooke body rotate while focusing, so you will need either a PL Mount or an Arri Standard adapter who have a pin that lock the body and allow the focus ring rotation (c7adapters sell both)

    - 50mm (serial 686997): Great shape overall. Mechanically everything is smooth. No dusts, scratchs, cracks, haze, fungus or separation. A few thin coating marks on the rear glass. The rear glass has yellowed a little bit, it's quite common with the 50mm (from what i saw and read). You can manually correct the slight color cast in your CC program, or there is a simple trick to remove the yellowing for good from the lens (48h with LED lamp or longer time just with the sun uv, i can send you website link by PM)

    - 12.5mm (serial 671485): Great shape overall. Mechanically the aperture ring is smooth and the focus ring is a bit more stiff, it turn normally but sometimes a bit less smoother than the 50mm (perhaps a bit of grease if you want the smoothest possible). No scratchs, cracks, cleaning marks, haze, fungus or separation. A few tiny dust particule inside.

    These two lenses are about 10 years newer than first Kinetal's (who have for example 57xxxxx serial number). The 50mm is well know for cover a well larger frame than Super16, i'm pretty sure that the 50mm cover the GH4 4K, don't know for the BMCC.

    Price : - 12.5mm is 290 euros
    - 50mm is 690 euros

    If you want the 2 i can offer a price reduction. I think this is great prices for these! It's actually the only 50mm for sale on earth (there is an other one on ebay at 2500$, i believe this guy really try to rip off people it's sad) those are rare and beautiful lenses. When you see that a Cooke Varo-Kinetal 10.4-52mm 2.8 worth between 3000 and 4000 euros, you can build a nice set of primes for a good price ^^.

    Thank's !

    (i tried to be complete and honnest, if you have more questions, don't hesitate to tell me!)
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