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FS: Optar Illumina Super16 Cinema Lenses T1.3 / F1.2 (As NEW)

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  • FS: Optar Illumina Super16 Cinema Lenses T1.3 / F1.2 (As NEW)

    I'm selling my set of Super16 Optar Illumina cinema lenses along with brand new adapters for EF and MFT. As I've decided to switch to Super35 format I no longer need these lenses - they've never been used other than for tests so the glass is 100% clean - plus they've come directly from the KMZ factory - brand new with standard 0.8 pitch gears on the focus/iris rings.

    I purchased them as a modern alternative to Zeiss Super Speeds (which they were modeled on) since I was after a fast lens that could work well in available light. The quality of the glass is great, but some of the lenses are a little stiff from sitting around boxed in the factory.

    As they are in Arri-B mount, I'll include 4 x EF / 3 x MFT Micro 4/3 adapters. Lenses would look great on the Ursa Micro 4.6K in 2K window mode, BM pocket camera, Sony F5/F55/FS7 in 2K crop mode, RED Raven/Dragon in 2K/3K crop etc.

    8mm T1.3 - Arri-B
    9.5mm T1.3 Arri-B
    12mm T1.3 Arri-B
    16mm T1.3 Arri-B
    25mm T1.3 Arri-B
    50mm T1.3 Arri-B

    USD5500 for the set including adapters (Paypal or wire transfer. Buyer pays shipping and fees)

    If you'd like test footage please do not hesitate to ask and I will upload some images / video tests in your preferred lighting.

    Happy to answer any questions as I spent quite a lot of time researching and putting this set together.

    Thanks for looking.

    EF adapter .jpgAll lenses top.jpg50mm lens.jpg25mm lens.jpg16mm lens.jpg12mm lens.jpg9.5mm lens.jpg8mm lens.jpg

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    I've saw some terrific footage with these lenses.
    It's really tempting. If only I could afford them.


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      Hi Roberto,

      That's what attracted me to the Optars in the first place.

      Hunter Hampton had some fun with the 9.5mm and a BMPCC in this fun short:


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        Willing to split the set if people are after specific lenses - however would prefer if someone took the lot. If its split, I may keep a couple.

        Note the 50mm covers super 35mm.