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Zeiss T* 10-100mm T2 16mm MkII Zoom Lens

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  • Zeiss T* 10-100mm T2 16mm MkII Zoom Lens

    Selling my trusted Zeiss T* 10-100mm T2 ( F1.8) Mark II ! A beautiful piece of mechanics in a lightweight package at just under ~4lbs. Equivalent FOV of a ~20-200mm in s35!
    In Arri B mount. This is a normal 16mm lens, but will cover s16 at 25mm and above while focused on infinity.

    Has the classic zeiss superspeed look, modern yet still warm and pleasing.

    A very sharp lens, even wide open. Honestly, I just scale my footage up to cover the vignetting (if shooting 16x9). For my personal films, I shoot in 1:33 ratio or 4:3. Brings back the original 16mm feel.

    If you don't mind scaling, using 4:3 guides, or just using as an amazing telephoto, it is truly a much more affordable lens than it's s16 brother at nearly quadruple the cost.
    Perhaps my favorite feature of this lens is the incredible macro mode. It literally focuses up to the front element! Never seen anything like it.

    Lens is in excellent condition, Glass is clear, no scratches or fungus. Barrel has signs of use. Comes with front and back cap. I have an Arri B to PL adapter if you're interested as well.


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    I have one of these and I love it. Really is a great cine zoom.


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      Right on Keith! One of my favorites.


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        Bump for an amazing lightweight classic zeiss!


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          Thanksgiving Bump!


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            Price drop!
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