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Moving Sale: BMCC, Lenses, Monitor

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  • Moving Sale: BMCC, Lenses, Monitor

    I'll be going oversea for work so I'll be selling most of my gear as I do not use them often. I'm not on here much but I am long time DVXuser under the same handle, you can check my history over on that site if you like. I can also be contacted at vu.huy.qu AT

    Gallery of the items can be found here

    1) Black Magic Cinema Camera Kit

    1x BMCC MTF with Metabones FD Speedbooster
    2x V-mount Lanparte Batteries with Dual Charger (note that the charger can only charge one battery at a time for some reason)
    1x Tilta Rod Mounted V-mount battery plate
    1x Letus v2 Rod support System 15mm
    1x 480 GB Sandisk SSD (the original version that fits)

    Basically this is everything that you would need to shoot right out of the gate. Everything shipped in a custom Pelican case. ASKING PRICE $1900

    2) SmallHD DP7 OLED monitor Kit

    1x Monitor with screen protector, in perfect condition
    1x Zamerican Arm
    1x Zmount
    1x Zircomount
    1x Sunhood
    1x SD card
    SDI Cable, P-tap cable

    Everything ships in a Pelican case. Asking price $1300

    3)Lens Kit

    SLR Magic 12mm
    Canon FD 24mm f2.0
    Canon FD 35mm f2.0
    Canon FD 50mm L series f1.2
    Canon FD 85mm L series f1.2
    Canon FD 135 mm f2.0

    I'm really sad to see this go as it took me over two years to collect all these lenses. These are the best FD lenses available, especially the 85 f1.2 which is a joy to shoot with, this shot was done with it on the BMCC


    All lenses are geared to work with follow focus. They are all optically perfect however the 24mm has a slightly loose focus ring and the 85mm has a dented filter ring so it cannot accommodates filters. Everything comes in a case. I will NOT be splitting up this kit as I do not have time to ship each item individually. Asking price $1500

    Buyer pays shipping and Paypal. Please email me a vu.huy.qu AT
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    How much for the lenses, nice pic and see btw!


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      Hi tatsuo I'm looking for $1500 for the whole set of lenses


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        Are you dead set on keeping the BMCC kit all together? I'd be interested in the camera, SSD, batteries and battery plate, but have no need for the Speedbooster or the rail system. Also curious if it includes the Resolve Dongle.
        Aaron Lochert


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          I have no problem separating the kit as long as most of the relevant parts(cam, batt, ssd etc) are sold together. Please shoot me an email at vu.huy.qu AT and we can talk prices. Thanks!

          Unfortunately Resolve is not included.


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            I've loweres the price of the camera kit to $2300 and the monitor to $1600.

            In response to some question I'm happy to separate the kit as long as most of the main components are bought together as I simply do not have time to ship a bunch of smaller items. So if you want just the camera or the monitor that would be fine.

            Also resolve is not included


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              Lens kit has sold.

              In the interest of a quick sale I'm dropping the price again on the camera kit and the monitor

              $1900 for the Camera Kit
              $1300 for the Monitor Kit

              I'll also have some other stuff for sale which I will list in a separate thread like a Shoot35 Mattebox and Vinten tripod.


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                how much just for camera body . not looking for kit
                Jawad Mir

                Editor . Director
                RED Weapon // 2 x Black Magic URSA Mini 4.6K; Canon Cine Lenses / DJI Phantom 4 Pro


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                  My buyer dropped out on the lens kit. It's back for sale. $1500 plus shipping and paypal.


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                    Camera and monitor kit sold.


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                      Everything sold.