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Zeiss Super Speed 50mm 1.3 S16 PL Mount Lens- Mint- As New

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  • Zeiss Super Speed 50mm 1.3 S16 PL Mount Lens- Mint- As New

    Zeiss Super Speed MKII 50mm T1.3 Super16 Prime Lens - PL Mount
    This lens has never been used, i bought it from a visual artist that had bought it from zeiss brand new, it was still in the plastic. last year i brought it to Duclos with the rest of my lenses for service and they said, "you know there is not a mark on this mount, it has never been on a camera". Now it's sat in my case for 6 months and i decided to go another direction with my lensing. This is the RARE 50mm that a super 16mm set is usually missing, they didnt include in the main set, hence less were made, but have become extremely popular because they cover 35mm sensors without a vignette. on a chart, yes, it ever so slightly softer in the corners but i cant notice it on final photography. so you essentially get a super speed T1.3 lens for half the price of the 35mm version. The lens is flawless and as new. Comes with a hard PL back cap from Duclos that has the rubber anti-dust ring, but the front cap is an original Zeiss cap that is getting a little loose and has tape marks.
    Pick up and check out is ok in Los Angeles area.
    $2999 SOLD!!!

    PS. I am also about to list a more used but flawless glass 16mm MK2 as well, $1999

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    some people are having problems seeing the pictures, here is an external link to try as well:


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      i also have a nice 16mm t1.3 pl mounted zeiss i havent listed yet, i would prefer to sell the 50mm first since its the most valuable before i move on, but wanted to mention it incase someone was interested in both. the 16mm starts at 1900. thank you.
      pick up or check out in LA is possible or shipping insured is about $50 domestically.


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        50mm SOLD!!!


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          Photos of the 16 mm ?