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Bmpcc Viewfactor Cage New with a mod.

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  • Bmpcc Viewfactor Cage New with a mod.

    Here is a brand new ViewFactor Bmpcc cage that has a slight modification done by ViewFactor. It is machined on one side to fit on a Hand held gimbal. It does not affect the cage at all and it allows clearance when placed on hand held brushless gimbal system. Had it done but ended up selling my Bmpcc. If interested $110 shipped within US!!

    photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpgphoto 3.jpgphoto 4.jpg

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    Which gimbal were you thinking of using it with?


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      The new Align G3-Gh gimbal for aerial work. Viewfactor milled down the one side slightly to allow clearance on the gimbal arm. Probably the same with other gimbals. The Bmpcc is so light and some of the gimbals like the Align work better with the added weight. The Bmpcc along with the cage is slightly heavier then the GH4 which a lot of the gimbals are made for. I got the cage and sold my Bmpcc and went with the Gh4 for the aerial stuff.


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        gimbal stabilizer with Black Magic Pocket camera
        Olympus 12mm lens, no filter
        color graded using DaVinci Resolve 11


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          SOLD!! Thank you