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Marketplace Guidelines : Full Guidelines

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  • Marketplace Guidelines : Full Guidelines

    Please, bounce over to our sister site to read more, as they apply here as well. This is stickied, failure to follow these guidelines will result in thread deletion or post deletion.

    From the Forum Guidelines:

    The Marketplace forum is intended for individual member to member sales, and not those who are trying to run a business.

    Members may sell their items directly, or via ebay (by adding an ebay link to their Marketplace post).

    As always, DVXuser takes no responsibility for what goes on in the marketplace. It is a buyer/seller beware zone, and it is up to you to look after each other and to do your research. Safe buying and selling are solely the responsibility of the buyer and seller.Feel free to contact a mod if you want us to check into a buyer or seller on the site, and we will do what we can. But at the end of the day it's 'Buyer Beware.'

    These Guidelines Govern Marketplace Use:

    If you suspect fraud, report the thread or post to the moderators via the 'report post' icon.

    Do not comment on item pricing, the seller, buyer or post off topic comments. Purchasers should not post "payment sent," "sold," "I'll take it," or similar comments in the thread. Violation of this rule will result in a deleted post.
    Communicate all offers using personal message or e mail, and not in the body of the thread. Violation of this rule will result in a deleted post.

    Bumps for anything but a substantial, reasonable change in description or price are not permitted under the Marketplace Rules. Raising the price of an item in order to bump the thread will result in a deleted post. Please include the latest price in the latest, most recent post. This means the post at the end of your thread, not your original listing post. If multiple items are listed for sale in a single thread, each item must have a substantial price change in order to bump the thread. Violations of these rules will result in a deleted thread.

    All items listed for sale in the Marketplace must have an opening price in the listing post. Providing a link in order to learn the price is not sufficient. No auction style or “make me an offer” listings are permitted. Violation of this rule will result in a deleted thread.

    If a link to an eBay sale is provided, the thread will remain viewable, but closed. A listing with an eBay link must also provide a price in the listing, or it will be deleted. No eBay updates are permitted, including "time remaining posts."
    Please limit photos associated with a sales listing thread to five (5) or less. Excessive photos will result in a deleted thread. No more than three (3) sales threads shall be active at any given time with a limit of five items per thread. Sales threads with more than five items for sale will be deleted. Adding items for sale to an existing thread is not permitted.
    No business, storefront, or commercial sales are permitted in the Marketplace unless the seller becomes a DVXUSER sponsor. Following a warning, business sellers will be barred from the Marketplace. Liquidation sales are not permitted.

    Only one thread per item, whether it sells or not. Do not delete a thread for an item that didn't sell, and start a new thread for the same item. It will be deleted.
    You must be a registered member of for at least sixty (60) days before you will be able to create threads in the marketplace or offer items for sale in the Marketplace. This means a new member is not allowed to sell items in the marketplace until 60 days has passed since registration. A new member may still buy items, but may not offer items for sale in response to a "want to buy" thread. Posts by new members offering to sell to a member in a "WTB" thread will be deleted. Repeated posts may result in suspension from all Marketplace participation.

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