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FS: BMPCC, BMPCC Speedbooster, Movcam Cage/HDMI lock, Zacuto BMPCC EVF

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  • FS: BMPCC, BMPCC Speedbooster, Movcam Cage/HDMI lock, Zacuto BMPCC EVF

    Pocket Cam and MovCam Cage.jpgSpeedbooster and Z-finder.jpgOkay folks have too many cams so one has to go!

    BMPCC with all original packaging and accessories
    Includes: 3 nikon batteries, nikon charger, 32gb Sandisk Pro Extreme (can shoot raw out of the box)

    $750 paypal gift shipped

    BMPCC Movcam cage and unopened HDMI lock (the version with the baseplate and goodies)

    $300 paypal gift shipped

    BMPCC Speedbooster (metabones)

    $380 paypal gift shipped

    Zacuto EVF for the BMPCC

    $100 paypal gift.

    Or buy it altogether for $1400 paypal gift shipped. All original packaging for every item listed above.

    Thanks for looking!
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    I'll take the Zacuto EVF. I'll shoot you a PM...


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      Is declaring it a gift mandatory? The reason I ask, is because I did that once with a couple of lenses and when they arrived they did not look like they did in the picture. So, I went to paypal to protest. They said sorry they were declared as a gift! Nothing we can do about it.


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        add 3% if your not gifting


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          Which Zacuto EVF is this?


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            For paypal fees:


            I would recommend not sending as a gift unless it is someone you know, because as imaj said PayPal won't protect you if you send it as a gift.


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              Hey folks - yes if you are not wanting to gift (understandable) you can add the 3% paypal fee!

              Lots of offers but someone is looking to purchase the whole thing so sale pending!


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                Everything sold EXCEPT the Movcam cage which is still for sale!


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                  Movcam cage still for sale.