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Teradek Bolt pro vs Teradek bolt pro XT

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  • Teradek Bolt pro vs Teradek bolt pro XT

    Assuming they're both the SDI/HDMI versions (not just one or the other), is there any noticeable difference between the two? The bolt Pro seems to have dropped pretty low in price on the used market, but one thing I do not want to encounter is that if someone steps in front of the receiver the signal will drop. There's also the new Hollyland units that have good reviews. If anyone can shed some light on these wireless systems, I am all ears!

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    Vaxis has some great transmitters as well, they are more reliable then teradek IMO. I recently bought the vaxis 800 system. Great kit and decent price!


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      I've put 100+ hours on the Bolt Pro 300, a body is not going to block the signal. Concrete walls and heavy wi-fi traffic create the most interference. The receivers tend to be a little flaky once they lose signal, often necessitating a reboot to establish connection again. Haven't used the others, good luck.