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Do you think the Magic Cam can look as good as the Ikonoskop footage

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  • Do you think the Magic Cam can look as good as the Ikonoskop footage

    That's my big question - because what I like about the Magic Cam is that it has more latitude than the Ikonoskop Acam Dii. But the Ikonoskop has the most beautiful skin tones.

    Also obviously the price differencation.

    Do you think it's the lenses on the test footage with the Magic Cam that doesn't look as nice as the Ikonoskop - or is it that it's not using a Kodak CCD - maybe the sensor is different.

    But I still feel that the Magic Cam has a digital feel to it unlike the Ikonoskop footage.

    Let me know your thoughts.

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    I would not really put alot of the weight on the first few BMC footage out there. It is just a guy walking on the beach and then one shot in a bathroom as of this time.
    He said he has other footage that has not been cleared by BM yet. So maybe he will post more.

    But with the specs of that camera it is going to be incredible in the hands of those who know what they are doing. The original beta tester was being limited by what he could and could not do I am guessing. because he has some nice stuff.

    I don't think the sensor is going to be a big difference as far as skin tones between these two cameras. That comes down to proper exposure lighting and color grading.

    I am guessing that both of them are going t obe pretty even on most accounts. It is just the BMC is so much cheaper and we can use canon lenses as well as nikon's with an adapter.

    So in conclusion.. In the right hands with a similar scene.. Both will be equally awesome..

    In the wrong hands shooting with lack of knowledge. They both will look like crap. IMO...


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      Have only seen some basic footage from the bmc wait till its released and footage starts to get on vimeo ect. But I've always liked the look of CCD over CMOS, just my own preference.