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Questions on Shooting 23.976 then Delivering 29.97

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  • Questions on Shooting 23.976 then Delivering 29.97

    I've got a project coming up that requires delivery in 29.97. I shoot most of my footage 23.97 unless it's high frame rates. Much of the footage for the program will come from existing footage.

    This will be my first experience trans-coding this way and I can use some advice.


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    I just recently ran into the issue delivering a couple of commercials. Here's what worked for me.

    I used Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder, but this probably works on any NLE.
    In the Render Settings, select your field order: Upper Field First. 1080 video is Upper Field First.
    Click on Add Pulldown. You'll see the five different phases of the 3:2 pulldown cadence. Pick one.
    That should render 29.97 at 1080i.


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      Thanks AaronChicago.

      I was at our local Premier Pro User Group meeting last night and it was suggested by some fairly experienced editors that I just output Pro Res at 29.97 from Media Encoldand that would likely be that.

      Still a ways off from needing solution with will circle back once I do.


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