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Super wide angle effect on BMPCC

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  • Super wide angle effect on BMPCC


    I've looked through posts on this subject, and it left me in much doubt.
    Eventually i'll probably buy a speedbooster, because my dad shoots with nikon lenses. The widest he's got is a 17-35mm (28.5mm equivalent at its shortest focal length). Still i want an even wider lens. Not fish-eye and not too much barrel distortion.

    I considered the tokina 11-16, but it has a lot of CA on the speedbooster, right?
    What else are the opportunities? Samyang 10mm 2.8 for nikon?

    Anyway, im not an experienced shooter, but i like superwide shots and miss them on my bmpcc.
    Looking forward to your comments.

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    Laowa 7.5mm f/2, Meike 6.5mm f/2.0 Fisheye
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      Think the Laowa is too blurry in the corners. And i won't get a fish-eye lens.
      But it led me to the azure 6.5mm. Anyone got experience with that? Looks sharp. A bit soft in the corners, and a bit too contrasty?


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        Angenieux 5.9mm is my choice, it vignettes just a Little bit, but is super wide, no barrell distortion because it is rectilinear. Nice old school cinema look.
        I have also Kowa 6mm, no vignette, nice also but I prefer angie.
        There is also a super rare Cine-Nikkor 6.5mm, covers fully, also rectilinear but ultra hard to find.

        The problem with speedboosted super wides is that speedbooster elements and the lens should be perfectly aligned, otherwise you will get half image out of focus on wide open. And no one can give you 100% match in tollerance. Have seen it many times, so I decided to go with other lenses. Also speedboosted super wides for Nikon or Canon mostly are too sharp at end, and you will get awful moire on buildings and etc.
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          Thanks, Truemotion! Helps a lot.
          Angenieux seems hard to find, and is quite a lot pricier than the kowa. Also seems like kowa produces sharper images and with less vignetting (like you said), but im not sure. I cant find that much footage from the angenieux.
          Do you know anything about the azure 6.5 mm? Its only around 230$ compared to 600 for kowa.


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            For cine lenses you've got;
            Kinoptic Tegea 5.7mm
            Century 6mm
            Optar Illumina 8mm

            Arri and Elite make a 6mm and there are some wide Canon and Angenieux zooms but probably not what you're looking for.


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              The SalR Magic 10mm is nice too, minimal distortion, no fish eye, and is reasonably priced. It is not quite as wide at a 7 or 5.9mm.
              Also, Panasonic Leica has released a 8-18mm Ultra Wide zoom, native MFT mount, so not Speed Booster required, and itmis f/2.8 at 8mm, and features a clickless, smooth Iris changrsmand very fast auto focus, along with a nice manual, dampened focus-by-wire focus ring.


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                It's AF might not be that fast on the BMPCC and I'd wait for reviews of its distortion. Nevertheless should be a fine lens on a Panny camera.


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                  Yes, but the Panny Leica lenses I tested with the Pocket auto-focused faster than some of the straight Panny Liuminx lenses.
                  As for distortion, it will be less than what you will see on a MFT sensor camera, as only the center of the projected area of the image is used on the BMPCC.

                  I have texted this with both the PL 15mm and the Oly 12mm lenses, while both show some distortion, it is more apparent on the MFT sensor camera than the Pocket camera. Any lens wider than 12mm is going to have some distortion, and the best distortion controlled wide angle lens I have seen is the Panny Leica 12mm f/1.4 (an excellent native MFT lens) and the Zeiss 9.5mm Super Speed, which has less distortion than the Zeiss 12mm Super Speed.

                  Most lens reviews are done on test chart (or brick walls), while they show the relative difference between differs lens designs, they are not indicative of how a lens will actually perform in real world shooting. You need to test a given lens yourself to see,how it performs on your camera, shooting the subjects you need covered.
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                    One of the widest rectilinear lenses - and perhaps *the* widest for BMPCC is a Sigma 8-16 plus the 0.58x BMPCC Speed Booster, resulting in a 4.6 - 9.2mm zoom.


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                      Yes, yes it is.


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                        Thank you guys! I've become a lot more informed on this topic.
                        After considerations, i've decided to go with the 0.58 SB, cause i have 7 lenses to mount on to it straight away, and i got it for half the price of a new one.
                        Im aware of the problems of the SB (moire, soft corners, CA), and will have to take that into account. I might just start a new thread for thoughts and experiences on which lenses works well with the SB and which don't.
                        Again, thanks a lot!