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Zeiss/Hasselblad Distagon 40mm T* Medium Format Lens

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  • Zeiss/Hasselblad Distagon 40mm T* Medium Format Lens

    Wondering if anyone's shot with the Zeiss/Hasselblad 40mm. I'm looking for something to fill the gap between an Otus 28 and 55 and the 40 mm focal length splits the difference a little better than a 35mm. I'm curious how the image quality compares to a classic or Milvus 35mm.

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    I can't speak about Hassy, Otus, or Milvus, but you might want to look at a Mamiya 645 45mm C N f/2.8. My copy is tack sharp (but not surgical) across the frame wide open, focus throw is 120, CA and flare is well controlled, and it renders colors beautifully. I honestly can't express the optical quality in words, but there is something special about it...

    Some folks on the web compare Mamiya 645 to Contax Zeiss, but I can't vouch for those assessments. Color matching is a different story, but the glass is dirt cheap (for now), so it wouldn't hurt to grab a mint copy for experimentation.


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      I've used the Hartblei 40mm which is based on Zeiss glass. It's quite a sharp lens, given that it's medium format glass. It should match well with the Otus @ f4 lens their coatings should be similar. My educated guess would be that the current milvius lens might be slightly sharper and faster since the image circle is intended for full frame format rather than medium format.