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Leica Summicron-C vs R lenses (Rehoused)

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  • Leica Summicron-C vs R lenses (Rehoused)

    Hello all!

    So I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me into what are the main differences between the Leica Summicron-C lenses and the Leica R series lenses, rehoused for cinema from the likes of GL Optics, Cinematics, etc?

    One set is pretty close to $100k, so thats out of reach regardless. But the Leica R's have a good reputation, especially the later makes and seeing as a set from GL optics, professionally rehoused is a quarter of the price, I was wondering if optically the price difference is justified? Though I think $25k for the GL mods is too pricey anyway, Cinematics rehousing are much more affordable.

    Thanks lads!

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    Cinematics don't actually rehouse - they cut of the mount and then wrap the original housing in a large metal case.

    GL Optics do actually rehouse, as well as doing things like modify the focus throw.


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      The leica R GL optics are actually a better investment for a personal person, mainly because they are full frame lenses, so they can last way into the future. you might just want to start with some cine mods though, but you can also rent from gl optics now and test things out. i suggest that first.


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        The Summicron-C line is made for cinema and considered some of the best glass on the planet for this.

        The Leica-R line – re-housed or not – is photographic glass. It's good glass, but some of them have massive breathing when you are filming with it. Plus, they are old and may have quite some sample variation depending on how well they were handled. They are full-frame, that's an advantage for sure.

        There are quite detailed discussions on either lenses at reduser and quite a few samples of Leica-R shots.