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(August 4th, 2014) - Mosaic Engineering Blackmagic OLPF / AA Filter

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  • (August 4th, 2014) - Mosaic Engineering Blackmagic OLPF / AA Filter

    August 4th, 2014

    Here's footage. I'll replace this link with more soon, and of course the charts etc. Just getting some moving images up for you guys to look at since I'm lagging.

    Going to ring Mosaic today to see what the status is on Booster compatibility.


    UPDATE: Nov 11th

    After testing the filter, talked more with Mosaic about the usage and came to the conclusion that an easy in and out for the camera would be ideal, and likely a no brainer.

    Today, I was informed that they're cutting the plastic and will have the first one ready soon to check out.

    As soon as they view the walk around footage that I shot, I'll post a link here.

    Almost there!

    UPDATE found by Wyatt:
    UPDATE 10/1/2013: Mosaic Updated filter, much more detail retained.

    Originally posted by wyatt View Post

    I know there are a few threads, will combine them soon here.

    Received a call from David at Mosaic (on the 15th), good news is that they've been working on an OLPF for Blackmagic and have made progress AND will have a prototype/sample of the first one rather soon. Currently, they're testing with an EF camera, seem to have pinned down the camera's patterns and were just waiting for another run of parts.

    These guys are a small shop, but have done some great things where the 5DII etc. were concerned and I'm really glad they're on it.

    They're also paying attention to forums and emails, even if they can't respond to them all, so if you want to see this thing hit daylight then leave a comment here and we'll get a feel for how many people are already in for one. I know I'm in!

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    It is literally the only thing holding me back from using the camera on serious projects. If I could install that filter it would be my go to camera for everything. Where do I sign?


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      Yeah, this would be a significant help with anything I'm shooting in ProRes (where the moire is bad). I've never had issues with moire in RAW, but I don't know if that's universal or not, since I tend to shoo ProRes more often.


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        I'm in!

        I sent them a message a month or so ago. I wasn't put off by lack of a response - I just wanted to let them know I would be interested in buying one for the BMCC. Glad to hear that they are! I look forward to getting my hands on one.

        Thanks, Kholi. I hope you'll pass along our interest.


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          Excellent news, now only if they can get their hands on a production camera...


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            This is great news indeed! It worked great on my 5DMII.


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              I would do anything for this filter right now... it literally is the only "fault" I can see on the BMCC... there are certainly gripes to be had... but moire I feel like is the only REAL fault with this camera. I would buy this filter instantly if it were out.
              Test footage Vimeo page:


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                I'm in for a MFT version!!!


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                  Originally posted by Kholi View Post
                  ...Currently, they're testing with an EF camera...
                  What does this mean for the MFT camera? Kholi you have both the EF and MFT versions correct? is there a lot of differences in the throat of each of the lens mounts?


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                    Have emailed Mosaic and am definitely 100% in for this. Again would need a filter that would also fit the MfT mount.


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                      Great news. I'm glad the BMCC EF was designed to deliver the level of detail that could make the Mosaic filter necessary, and I'm glad Mosiac has risen to the occasion. Best of both worlds, and we'll be able to choose which we prefer and go back and forth. Perfect!
                      Randy Walters


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                        So forgive me if this is obvious...

                        So the current filter the are working on should work for both BMCC mounts. Theoretically it could work with the pocket cam, sensor wise, but probably not due to size constraints.


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                            Originally posted by rze View Post
                            It is literally the only thing holding me back from using the camera on serious projects.

                            I'd be in for several filters. I also hope it'll counter the slight digital taste of BMC.


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