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BMPC 4K and DJI RS-2

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  • BMPC 4K and DJI RS-2

    Hey folks. I shoot almost all of my footage with my collection of 3 BMPC 4Ks. I recently bought the new DJI RS-2 and I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts about monitoring to my phone via the DJI RavenEye and app. The gimbal is HDMI and I tried using an SDI-to-HDMI converter but the RavenEye/gimbal didn't like it and I got no image. I'm still able to control the gimbal movements with the app but I can't see what I'm shooting. I'm thinking my best bet is to get an SDI transmitter/receiver to send to an external monitor and try to control the gimbal separately from my phone still. Any more elegant solutions out there?

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