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Discussing the new Compressed DNG RAW Files

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    Originally posted by John Brawley View Post

    DNG is an OPEN standard.

    Adobe don't own it anymore. Quoting the ADOBE manual doesn't mean something NEW isn't being developed within the DNG framework. BMD are part of the DNG working group and certainly are having a lot to say about where the standard is going.

    It's up to anyone to amend and extend. BMD have a history of doing this for standards...adopting new specs and for those specs to then become part of the standard. (hello 6G SDI ?)


    - and watch as we wait for Adobe to catch up on the format they invented and abandoned ;-)
    Honestly I think Adobe would be over the moon for others to sink their hard earned R&D dollars into an open standard that they can happily take advantage of.
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      Huh? This is going to be nothing like RED compression.

      This is light lossless compression, Huffman, one of the most basic compression algorithms around. Think zipping a file, not creating a tiny jpg from a huge raw file. You get exactly the same file you started with when you remove th compression. It looks like they are just trying to take the edge off that heavy data bandwidth requirement.

      And I'm glad it is so. Who wants to lose precious resolution. Storage is cheap. I just bought a 4TB hard drive for about $150 with discounts.