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BMPCC AC Power Issue

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  • BMPCC AC Power Issue

    I lent my BMPCC to someone whom using just weak internal batteries, plugged in the AC power supply and says it made a noise and died.Body expanded.

    Now, AC power supply appears dead.

    When using internal or external batteries it turns on okay for about a minute, even records, then screen slowing fades to dark color with on-screen data fading away –and then nothing. Power off and wait 10 min., then turn on and the cycle repeats.

    Could plugging in AC power supply while camera is powered on make it do this? Any fix?

    I had shot a 2 hour play with it the week before –only issue: sometimes powering on with green hash-lines filling screen. Turning it off for 10 minutes seems to cure it.



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    It's probably dead, sorry to say.

    I have seen this happen with cameras of all brands. It's not common, but it happens.
    It happened to a few of the original Cinema Cameras with the built-in batteries in the first year or so too.

    I wish I had better news. You could have Blackmagic USA take a look at it, but it would probably be cheaper to just buy a new one off eBay or the like. There are plenty of them for sale.
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