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BMPCC v1 will only display and record black video.

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  • BMPCC v1 will only display and record black video.

    Hello all. I have an issue with black video only on my original BMPCC. I've had this camera since Feb. (used) everything was working, its generally in good condition. Shot 4TB of RAW with it so far.

    Was shooting a radio tower today and then moved it inside to film a computer monitor, swapped lenses turned it on and got a weird image on the LCD on the camera where it looked like scan lines. I figured it was the shutter speed not picking up the refresh rate on the computer monitor, so I changed shutter speed, got some weird pixel looking video on the camera LCD, then black. I can still see the HUD on the camera LCD, it will playback the clips already on the memory card fine with sound (so I know its not a broken camera LCD), but will not show anything but black on the camera LCD, or record anything but black video. It will even playback the black video I record.

    I tried swaping lenses both manual and Power OIS, swapping batteries, power from the wall, different memory card, draining the power, power cable only with no battery, and updating firmware (as I was running firmware 1.9.11 due to OIS issues on my 12-35), yes I checked for a lens cap.

    Is there any suggestions on how to fix this? Is it dead? Is it the sensor?

    If its dead, where can I get another or repair in Thailand (from the USA)... its kinda important.




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    Now this may be a silly question but is the lens cap on?


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      [QUOTE=Jimmy Moss;257090 yes I checked for a lens cap.


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        oh man, that sucks then. It looks like the sensor isn't communicating anymore, your best course of action is to contact BM support, they may have a trick up their sleeve to get it going. Otherwise I don't think they will be able to repair it as it's not longer a product they make (unless it's something easy like a ribbon cable fell out).


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          I opened it up, I think its water damage. All the metal under the lens mount was corroded, and in the back their was an area on the circuit board that looked water damaged. BMPCC is not very rugged, been in a foreign country and the beach and got a splash on it, plus the humidity probably did it in. Still trying other things though, its tough to get to the sensor area to see if it has corrosion. Funny thing is, when it happen I cleaned it up and its been working for a year since then. That was right when I got it.