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BMMCC 14.8V Battery Module by RADIOPROEKTOR

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    Thanks for the update. Sign me up! Can't wait.


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      Some news:
      All electronic components arrived. All works and fits well.
      I made some helper tools to check electronic components and provide quality control.
      LanParte CNC factory team suggested me ABS CNC manufacture for all internal plastic parts and LP-E6 base plate instead of FDM 3D printing. This method is very precise and final parts will be more rugged and will look way better that 3D printed parts. It will be same quality as aluminum parts but only milled from ABS plastic.
      All parts are redrawn and prepared for CNC manufacture now.
      I found a place for manufacture of custom made ultra short 13 cm DC cables.

      The only open question is the manufacture of Rear Shell Cap. I got samples of different materials from 3D printing service, they look ok but the price remains too high for mass manufacture because Rear Shell is rather large part. Also i am not a fan of that not too perfect 3D printed look for that price. I am looking forward to alternate manufacture ways.

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        Unfortunately ABS CNC manufacture of internal support parts appears very expensive. So i ordered few 3D printed test samples. With layer thickness 0.2mm internal components looks ugly but usable. Capacity meter board holds very well in place. 3D printed LP-E6 plate is not usable for my opinion and needs a lot of additional hand work.

        So it seems the only way to go now is liquid urethane casting. I got many different liquid urethane sample materials for free from OSV technology company (which is KLEIBERIT company local dealer) and also done some own casting tests.

        Also i finally put order for small batch of Aluminum CNC manufactured bodies. Work in progress...

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          It would be great if it had some kind of "security clamp", always fixed to the cage, something that push and maintain the battery module against the body. A clamp you can easily unscrew (maybe with a hand screw).
          Something like your hdmi clamp, but which get over a metal part of the battery module to maintain it firmly. What do you think?

          Of course there is a lot of mounting option on the market like v-lock.. but maybe it would fit nicer, more compact and be more practicle for this specific camera if you make you own.


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            But it already secure clamps to the LP-E6 battery socket. Why to fix it more? Did you afraid that it can damage the camera? BMMCC battery socket made of quality plastic, those tiny pin clamps fells flex but same time hard. It seems it is not too easy to crack them. Average expected battery total weight is about 400g.
            It also uses different brand DC power sockets than used in Expansion Box, so it will be easier to plug cables in and out.

            If you use rail system you can mount it directly to rail block horizontally or to the SmallRig cheese plate or any other cheese plate vertically.
            You can also mount it directly to the cage edge with any existing QR clamp from this list, but it will be less compact. Same way tmronin mount Juice BoxV1 batetry in his rig and inspired me for this project.

            BTW i think this battery even can be mounted to the cage side NATO rail and used as side grip!

            Alternate Quick Release mounting systems for this battery:
            Compact size Arca Swiss Clamps
            Flat Manfrotto 200PL QR clamp by FotoPanda
            SmallRig Super lightweight 15mm RailBlock v3 942
            SmallRig NATO Clamp 1885
            A MiniMart Mini Rapid Quick Release Plate
            Slidekamera ultra compact V-Mount system
            Wooden Camera V-Lock Base Station and Wedge Kit
            Oben QRA-R2 Quick Release Assembly with RP-20 Plate
            Cameo V-Lock Kit

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            All my custom made accessories for BMMCC/BMMSC now available here


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              It might be only on my copy, but the LP-E6 soket on my Micro has a little bit of play with Canon LP-E6 batteries, it goes up and down for about 1 millimeter.
              Maybe your LP-E6 male mounting plate will fit a little tighter in the Micro?
              Or again maybe my Micro socket is a little loose.


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                Yes, all batteries plays a little in LP-E6 BMMCC socket. Actually there is a lot of free additional space in BMMCC battery socket. First time i was thinking to make dummy LP-E6 plate way larger in size to plug it more secure and tight, but this modification makes it not compatible with any other LP-E6 sockets. I also measure different brands of LP-E6 batteries, adapters and sockets in different devices and chargers and found that dimensions and design varies a lot. So in final design i decide to keep LP-E6 plate in safe dimensions but make it slightly tighter than average battery. It will have less play that usual battery but will be compatible with any other LP-E6 socket, so you can mount this battery directly to monitor or light panel as well as to the BMMCC. You can also use any OEM LP-E6 socket as QR plate.

                P.S. if you want 100% no up-down play you can always add few layers of sticky tape shim pad or something like self adhesive 1mm Sponge Foam at the bottom.

                Here s CNC master model for future liquid urethane casting!

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                  Things goes slower as expected. First CNC machined test sample arrived today. It was partially assembled and tested. All fits well.

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                      can't wait to get one!


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                        It's nice to see the process you go through with the development. Thanks for sharing, it looks like an amazing product.


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                          Same here, I can't wait to get my hands on these!
                          I'll get 2 units as soon as it's ready to ship


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                            And some progress with CNC manufacture of aluminum molds for future liquid urethane casting of rear shell cap.

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                              It's been a while! Any update?


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                                The project is still in development. After some soldering attempts i found that wires with silicone insulation i purchase earlier are not usable in this project, because they are too thick, too soft and can't be bended as i need. So i spend some time to find a supplier of decent quality wires with thin PVC insulation. End up with ALPHA WIRE 3057 UL1007 16AWG wires.

                                Rear shell cap and LP-E6 plate casting is on the way.

                                Currently i partially assemble full batch of the batteries from the parts i already have. Also i assemble first fully working test sample and do a lot of real life field testing with BMMCC and SmallHD monitor. It is very user friendly device. Operation is quick and easy, way faster than change multiple small Canon batteries. Camera feels heavier now but it is still very light and comfortable for handled shooting. Extra weight adds stability to shoots. Rear battery counterweights lens very well.

                                Now i can also add more precise weight specs: 220g (excluding Batteries), 400g (including Batteries)

                                All my custom made accessories for BMMCC/BMMSC now available here