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SBUS Contoller aka Magic Parasite

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  • SBUS Contoller aka Magic Parasite

    Dear fellow cinematographers,

    Let me introduce you my first meaningful product, a "thing", a dooms-device, a camera controller. I call it- Magic Parasite.

    I own a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera and as I'm trying to use it as a primary camera, I keep finding the menu buttons are not designed for serious and repetitive work. It's a drone camera after all.

    I played along few weeks between parenting and sleeping with optimizing controller's size vs having rich features as well as with the ergonomics. It ended up with:
    - powering entirely from the camera
    - rotary encoder for convenient user experience
    - B/W OLED display for listing all the functions
    - Controlling all available camera functions as it uses SBUS with its 16 channels
    - 12V 5.5mm standard power in socket
    - LANC port

    During the creative process I ruled out:
    - AV out as this is typically available on external monitor connected via HDMI
    - Ref signal in as I have no use for it now
    - Bluetooth LE feature as I haven't find a use case for it, and more importantly it would make the device bulkier.
    - An Easter egg: Tetris game

    To conclude- it works as expected and the only feature to do would be designing a fancy enclosure.

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    I would strongly recommend not building in the dsub connector and using a 3.5mm TRS jack for power and sbus signal to the camera - see Shijan's posts on his breakout box
    we're trying to help standardise how various controller like yours can hook up to the camera and it seems to make sense to have small compact unit that plugins into the dsub socket then use a more flexible connection cable to link that to a controller which might need to be placed in different configurations dependant on use

    that would allow a lot more flexibility on placement - it sticking straight out like this seems like a recipe for something to break


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      Shijan's build thread for his little breakout box here:


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        Place this into a BM ursa style rosette hand grip! Also Stelvis any sort of sneak peak on what to expect of yours down the line?


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          I second Ryanite's suggestion. It's pretty long, you could probably fit into a handle of some sort that connects to both the cage/rod some way and the port as well. That would also solve the ergonomics problem of using this as a handheld A cam


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            I like that you’re going original. Don’t follow everyone else’s design. I’d like to see the enclosure in order to get size perspective


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              Originally posted by Ryanite View Post
              Place this into a BM ursa style rosette hand grip! Also Stelvis any sort of sneak peak on what to expect of yours down the line?
              hopefully soon


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                Thank you all for sharing your thoughts
                When I brainstormed the design, I ruled out any cables between the camera and the controller-this would add unnecessary complexity and I like simple things. I like it resembles a natural extension of the camera. DSub connector is asymetrical and secured with two screws, so I'm not afraid of breaking it.
                Dimensions are 72x30x20mm. It could be even smaller but I don't have experience with SMT and underneath microcontroller there are pulldown resistors and an encoder debounce filter. That's why I had to route thicker power traces other way around. It's a working prototype anyway.


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                  Added to BMMCC/BMMSC S.Bus, PWM, LANC controllers database
                  All my custom made accessories for BMMCC/BMMSC now available here