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  • CFast Media Price Drop

    In the past 24 hours I've seen a price drop on the San Disk CFast 2.0 media approved for the URSA. Adorama and B&H were listing the 120GB card at $1199 and it's now listed at $799. The 60GB card is now listed at $399.

    This indicates to me that they're having to drop price to compete with the Lexar cards that are hitting the market.

    The Lexar $1299 256GB card still looks like the best deal on the table, assuming it performs to expectations.

    Also, at some point we should see the Transcend CFX600 and CFX650 series at an even better pricepoint...

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    Good news to all of us!!

    I just received my URSA this week. Thinking of getting the LEXAR but need to pre-order and not sure when is it really going to be available.

    The Sandisk looks much more affordable now. Might get the card sometimes in 2 weeks times as we are too busy meeting deadline now.

    Will share some comparison for all blackmagic cameras (yes, we have all the unit except the PL Mount 4k and also the Studio 4K version). Anyone has an idea (simple one) to make a brief comparison between all of them?

    Thanks for the heads up @James Houk on these CFast cards!


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      Basically matching Lexar's price even before Lexar comes to market. But Lexar may be the better card since the largest card writes 450 MB/s versus the 350 MB/s of the Sandisk. Newcomers must wait for BMD to evaluate and certify for their cameras.


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        Just updated to 1.9.9
        I ve been experimenting with some supertalent 128gb cfast pro cards. In 4kRAW 3:1, the cards recorded flawlessly for over 5 and a half minutes - until I cut the camera as I was too excited! They conk out trying to do 3:1 at 80fps but high speed works fine in 4k prores proxy and all 1080 versions of prores. The 3:1 looks amazing, these cards are $100 a piece. Just make sure its the 128, not the 64gb, that doesnt work in 4k


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          where do you buy this card from? I can't seem to find them on B&Hphoto.


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            Excuse my ignorance, but won't the URSA allow using regular SSDs like the BMCC?


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              Originally posted by carlmart View Post
              Excuse my ignorance, but won't the URSA allow using regular SSDs like the BMCC?
              No. It used CFast cards only. 2 slots. Much more reliable than SSDs as they are designed for cameras. Sadly it's still a fairly new tech and only slowly being adopted so the prices are still high.
              Adam Roberts


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                Yes, very sadly it might take some time for CFast cards to get to SSD or even HDD prices.

                But I see the URSA has 12-bit 422 SDI outputs, so it's quite likely you can use an external 4K recorder, like the new Atomos. Am I right?


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                  I got one set from Amazon, the other was a seller called imicros on eBay.


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                    Courtesy of Guy Fiorita on the official BMD forum, the Lexar CFast 2 3400x cards are on their way to the Adorama warehouse and will be available in a few days apparently; prices starting to fall, for example, $1,050 for the 256GB card. Guy mentioned Amazon had some yesterday but sold out!


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                      Amazon had an amazing deal yesterday on the new Lexar Cards. 256gb for $852.63 and the 128gb is going for $511.00. If some reason those prices go up. Call into Adorama (not website) speak to a rep. They're offering the 256gb for $999.00 preorder pricing, and the 128gb for 599.00. You must call into a rep to receive that pricing.


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                        Looks like they're in stock at B&H, but not as cheap: