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  • Graduation Film

    Hey guys, wanted to post up some frames from my grad film as you've all been so helpful in learning the ins and outs of the BMCC! These are straight out of the camera with Hook's LUT applied. Just two more days of shooting, hopefully I'll be able to post up more frames soon!

    Any advice and feedback welcomed.

    BMCC MFT w/Nikon Speedbooster.
    Tokina 11-18 II
    Nikkor 24mm
    Nikkor 35mm
    Nikkor 50mm
    RAW 2.5k scaled to 1080, letterboxed in Photoshop + Hook's LUT.
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    Looking good. Do you plan to use that strong yellow/green look for final grade? Will you be grading?


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      Hopefully we'll be able to find a pro colourist who can help us out, but as it stands it might be me. First big grading job. Eep.

      The yellow cast is just the location lighting and the LUT, no correction as of yet, although gold is a key colour in the film, so might be a nice direction to take, if a little more subtle.


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        nice man. and you have some really nice glass there.
        my work


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          Wow, looks great.


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            Looking good!

            Also, I don't really mind the coloring. Maybe just add a contrast curve? I've always been a fan of keeping the image balance a little warmer. ...unless it's horror/sci-fi or something.


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              Looks good now if you colored these images to separate the skin tones from the rest of the image it would be "golden" no pun intended. Id love to color these for you!