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BMPC 4K with a Zeiss 35mm 1.4 Test

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  • BMPC 4K with a Zeiss 35mm 1.4 Test

    I got to rent the BMPC for two days so I went out exploring. Besides all of the obvious and already stated issues with the camera, it does make some awesome images even in ProRes, but I cannot wait for RAW to be introduced. I definitely learned a lot and would do some things differently looking back at the footage, as it was almost impossible to tell shooting in sunlight .

    Overall, I was pretty happy with the camera, hope to pick one up when they become more available.

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    Very nice look. Thanks for sharing.


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      Nice video, very textural!

      I was thinking about getting a glide cam for my BMPC4k, but am not sure if the camera is too heavy for it. I mean, I suppose it depends on how buff you are to what weight you can hold.

      You say you used the GC2000, how did you find it?