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4K lowlight footage and a trip through the scrub.

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  • 4K lowlight footage and a trip through the scrub.

    Hey guys,

    Here's two things I've shot in the last few days since getting the 4K.

    The first is a super quick look at the low light. I literally grabbed the camera, and followed my mate up the road to buy a pie. Excuse the shaky cam and focus.

    The second I spent a bit more time on. I took a day of just going through the Adelaide hills with my friends. It's got some good high contrast scenarios and you can see it pushing the dynamic range to the max. I also spent a little more time on the grade for this one.

    One thing I've already noticed with the footage in the pink edging on the highlights when it clips. It's most prominent in the first few shots of the creek.

    If I'd noticed during the grade (I just smashed it out and wasn't looking for this) I could correct it, but I didn't realise that it was an issue with the 4K.

    I was getting this artifact when I was using ML RAW on my 50D... Has anyone else noticed this?

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    The two shots in your second film at about 1:40 and 1:42 especially are gorgeous. I know it's just a test, but when you find something out of the Garden of Eden, let us see more than two seconds of it!


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      That's a good point. It made me think of Alice in wonderland actually...


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        I didn't notice the pink edging in these clips, but it sounds like bokeh fringing. AKA longitudinal chromatic aberration on high contrast out of focus edges. I have the 50mm 1.4 which does the purple fringing thing. Most prominently on edges that are just out of focus. It's an optical characteristic of the lens itself.


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          This is the same frame, before and after I grade out the artifacts. I don't think it's the lens as I've had an IDENTICAL artifact from using ML RAW (not with the 50 1.4). When I brought the ML RAW into after effects, the artifacts weren't there.

          With the BM4K footage, the artifacts are there in resolve, after effects and even just VLC player. The only consistent element seems to be that black magic products introduce this artifact. Whether it's ML RAW where resolve creates it through it's interpretation of the RAW, or at the camera level; as it's being captured in the BM4K.

          Has anyone else seen this?