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Ursa Mini Pro G2 "Purple Line"

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  • Ursa Mini Pro G2 "Purple Line"

    Have not had a ton of time to test out the camera yet, but I brought it to work today to quickly test FPN and exposure.

    I have 3 shots all at 3200 ISO. First shot is under exposed a lot. Second shot is underexposed but not terribly and the 3rd shot is exposed to the right without clipping.

    As you can see I am getting a purple tantalization line. I did this same test at 800 ISO as well doing 3 shots exposing under by a lot, by a little and then exposing right and I get the same result. Purple line in lower exposed shots but in the correct or ETTR shots it is not there.

    Even when changing iso in post the line is there except for the correct exposure shots. For those I can take the exposure up or down and it is really clean. I pray this is not a defect but I am not sure..

    Granted for the darker shots they were in the purple on the False Color. I am going to do more tests. I could see the line in the false color on the monitor, but weirdly when I point the camera at other objects and fall into the purple I do not see the line.
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    What is a tantalization line? The purple line is due to CMOS smear.


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      Proper exposure or not that is not normal. You should be able to shoot dark scenes without raising exposure in post without glaring artifacts.


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        I'll second the CMOS smear. You can see how it mimics the desk.

        Always worth mentioning: Did you calibrate your sensor before this test?
        Aaron Lochert


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          I did not calibrate it before, but this was the only shot I noticed it. I will so more testing. I just am worried it may be defective