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Pocket 4k and Sigma 18-35 with 1/4 Pro Mist Comedy Skit Stills

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  • Pocket 4k and Sigma 18-35 with 1/4 Pro Mist Comedy Skit Stills

    This was pretty much the first controlled shoot that I've done with this camera and it affirmed my love for Blackmagic. Quick lighting setup, only had a 120T on hand.

    Glass CU.jpg
    Pour CU.jpg

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    Looks amazing! The Pocket 4k shoots very organic images. It it Black Pro Mist or Reg Pro Mist? Also, did you use speed booster? Metabones? Thanks for sharing.


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      Thank you, Sir! I love the look. I have the original 2.5k and the original Pocket but ended up moving towards using my GH5's more for run and gun because of the stabilization. The new Pocket is just so much more pleasing (than the GH5's) to my eye.

      Yeah, the Black Pro Mist. Been using it for all narrative projects, lately, and I love it. I also used the Metabones XL (.64).


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        Yeah, once you hold the Pocket 4K and shoot with it, you fall in love. I have that same set-up, also with the XL. I used to have a love/hate with the Sigma 18-35mm, until I put a 1/4 Pro Mist on it. It's night and day. From too sharp and digital looking, to organic and filmic.

        The room set adds to the beauty of the images as well. Perfect art direction. The paneling, the mirror and the glass.


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          Totally agree. It's a great lens but it's taken to another level with the BPM. With the XL, it's just a perfect FOV, imo.

          Thank you! I got a bit lucky. I just took over my Grandparent's old home and it's basically still the late 60's early 70's downstairs and I found al this awesome retro swag. Knew immediately that I had to put it to use.