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Testing BMPCC with Tokina 28-70 f2.8 + Black Pro-Mist 1/4 (Ballet Girl)

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    Tokina 28-70mm 2.6-2.8 prices will sky rocket. Just like Contax Zeiss did after a thread on reduser. Hope everyone has one at hand. I got two already :-) . One in Canon mount and one in Pentax with Canon adapter ( which i have modified ). This lens is a perfect match to anamorphot 50 1.33x with Rangefinder adapter. You get workable anamorphic image from 35mm until 70 , sharp and clean. Setting the lens to infinity and focusing only from the rangefinder adapter with a manual follow focus or a Tilta Nucleus is perfect.


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      Tokina 28-70mm f/2.8 is a great lens for its price, especially at 28mm. I compared my Tokina 28-70 at 28mm with Leitz Elmarit-R 28mm f/2.8 on Sony A7II.

      Tokina 28-70mm at 28mm f2.8. Click on preview to view in full size (6000*4000).

      Leitz Elmarit-R 28mm f2.8

      Tokina 28-70mm at 28mm f5.6

      Leitz Elmarit-R 28mm f5.6