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  • DNGs to evaluate strange issue

    Hi guys,

    I'm experiencing a very strange issue. I've done two different shots at a white wall (I started to post this on the general forum, but maybe here is more adequate).

    First is the Ursa mini 4.6k without any lens and the second is with the Tokina 28-70.

    If you really boost saturation and contrast on the two shots, you'll get two different behaviours:

    1 - On the shot without lens, there will an even pink cast that starts to form. It's ok by me, should be part of the color science of the camera and easy to correct in post.

    2 - On the second shot with the lens on (and I get this behaviour with every lens that I've got), you'll start to get an uneven blue cast, starting from the corners and slowly invading the extremities of the picture. Not sure if this kind of CA might be inherent to all the lenses I have and shows off on the corners.

    Is this normal? I hope not, because everytime I shoot at a wide angle (this only happens in the widest FOV of each lens) with a person in a white room, there'll be those blueish corners... Can anybody try these DNGs, please?

    WITHOUT lens:

    WITH lens:

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