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  • Gunshots by Computer

    A little over two weeks ago I was at the gym when a song came on my phone and lit a fire under me. I had an idea.

    Within the next 4 days I managed, with a lot of help, to assemble a full production to shoot a video to go with this song. Another week of editing and FX with the holidays and here it is, the final product.

    I’m positive this election will go down in history as one the most divisive events of our generation in America. And I’ve made my feelings pretty clear where I stand in regards to the hate and bigotry that have reared its head as a result.

    This video is my outlet to my thoughts and feelings on the matter. Many people said they couldn’t wait to see what art is created from this outcome. Here is my contribution.

    Gunshots by Computer: Nine Inch Nails & Saul Williams

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    Forgot to mention.

    Ursa Mini 4k, Prores 422HQ. Sigma 18-35, Rokinon 14.


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      It's a bit on the nose but I appreciate the direction. Very well executed, but judging by your past works, it's not entirely surprising.


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        Thank you. That was a compliment, right? ;-)