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BMPCC and D16 Exposure Tests

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  • Alex.Mitchell
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    BMPCC and D16 Exposure Tests

    Hey BMCUsers!

    I'm cross posting this from a thread I started in the Digital Bolex Facebook User group. I've got a set of DNGs that might be helpful if you're looking to see how these two cameras respond to light.

    Okay folks; here are some DNGs you can test on your own. Shot with a D16 and a BMPCC under identical conditions with the same lens (Veydra 16mm). Key light source was an LC-7 and a 300w fresnel is in the back splashing over a low contrast printout. Sensitivity was "matched" between the BMPCC and D16 by setting shutter angles to 45˚ and 180˚, respectively. BMPCC has a Mosaic Engineering OLPF installed. Lemme know if you have any questions.
    Link to the DNGs.
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