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  • Cairns - BMPCC

    First time using my BMPCC.

    Lens: Olympus F.Zuiko 38mm F1.8
    ProRes HQ
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    very good work have you used any stabilizer?


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      Originally posted by alex.stefani View Post
      very good work have you used any stabilizer?
      Thank you!
      Stabilizer has been applied to some of the shots.


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        I like your use of long lenses on the old, good bmpcc, 120mm (35mm eq) is my favourite FOV thanks for the info!


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          Nice! What kind of rig did you use on this? Find it hard to get stabilized shots with the bmpcc + longer focal lenghts


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            This looks VERY nice.

            It's nice to see a realistic color grade too.
            Did you do anything special there? Or did you use the Resolve REC.709 standard conversion?
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              Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback!

              I didn't have a rig, just the camera and lens. Stabilised a bunch of shots and then the other are just handheld.

              Grading, I used Hooks Basic LUT and then just fiddled with levels and saturation, my original cut was a lot more saturated and at first it looked appealing until I came to my senses.

              I need to have a good go in Resolve though, as I've barely even scratched the surface.